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1121 Kainat Basmati


Our offered rice is hygienically processed and is free from impurities such as stones, husk, and others.  This rice is known for its excellent taste, easy to cook…

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1121 Sella Basmati


Sella Rice is a longer grain rice variety grown in selected areas of Punjab where temperature, soil, and the environment is suitable for 1121…

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Super Kernel Basmati


The finest grains of Super Kernel Basmati available, making sure that each grain when cooked elongates 3 times of its uncooked size, therefore giving you 100% pure quality …

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Basmati 386 Sella


386 Rice is the hybrid variety of Basmati Rice that possesses 100% purity, long-grain, aromatic fragrance, and non-sticky after cooking…

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We believe that our clients deserve the best in quality. The principles of preparing good food lies within the fundamentals; the ingredients. Chef Signature Ltd. aims to deliver quality products from the field to the dinner table.



With our documentation system and ISO 9001 certificate, we are confident that we can trace any lot from the farm to the customers.



We have secured our position as a fair-price reliable buyer of small farm products. Farmers find us by word of mouth and engage us to be placed in our supply chain. Since we have pursued a policy of personal contact with producers and farmers, we can ensure our supply well into the future.

Post Sale Support


We are committed to a 100% satisfaction policy. Any post-sales issues will be pursued exhaustively until resolution.
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