About Us

The inspiration to establish Chef Signature came from the ideology of Chefs, who are creating new flavors in foods, introducing mouth-watering recipes, understand and appreciate eatery habits, and exactly how you want your food to be prepared. Chef Signature Ltd was established under the laws of the land and registered with Companies House UK registration # 12099323 as a private entity. At Chef Signature Ltd, the needs of our clients are at the heart of what we do, and we offer products through, first and foremost, consideration of achieving and providing unmatched quality standards. At Chef Signature Ltd. products are grown & processed under superb hygienic conditions, assured by qualified & experienced professionals. We take utmost care of our stakeholders and apply the latest processing & packaging technologies. Every product that we trade/export and supply is available in standard and hygienic packaging, thus preserving the natural taste and fragrance of each product for longer periods of time.

Our Vision

To set the gold standard for the industry with the creation of innovative, progressive and inspired business ideas realized through food ingredients, merchandising and processing applications.


We value QUALITY – such that it enthralls food lovers across the world. We endeavor to maintain such quality, which is evident in the aroma and taste of every product that we offer. We value INNOVATION – to satisfy the needs of consumers with pioneering ideas in taste and variety. We value our consumer’s CHOICE – by delivering what the consumer wants and to the highest standard.

Our Purpose

To deliver our customers the quality goods they need in preparation of their delicious meals. We strive to assist you in making your foods the best they can be and remain loyal to you, your tastes, and your time. These form the fundamental core of Chef Signature Ltd. We believe that Chef Signature Ltd. should be your choice for Quality Products at the Best Prices to Achieve Greater Value. Because we trade quality products at competitive prices as we are COMMITTED with our respected customers.

The company’s major export destinations are centered in various countries of the world. Our offered products will fetch markets in the United Kingdom, the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. Chef Signature Ltd. takes pride in and cares to choose, propose, and sell a range of selected food products and specialty in “Basmati Rice” towards trade for restaurants, catering companies, hotels, shops, and specialized stores globally in optimal logistics conditions.

Products/Brands or Clients:

Chef Signature Pvt Ltd was established with a dynamic vision of becoming a leading pioneer in UK for rice and other food items trading business. Chef Signature has concentrated its resources and competencies in the business area to secure its own differentiated unique quality products especially rice. Our first and foremost consideration is to achieve and provide unmatched quality standards in our products to win the confidence of Chefs and our every customer around the world. Each product that we trade and supply is available in standard and hygienic packaging, thus helping in preserving the natural taste and original fragrance of products for longer periods of time. Therefore, the price of our products is kept competitive without compromising on quality standards and the delivery mechanism is ensured to be prompt and punctual.

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