Founder of the Company

Today food items market is fully loaded with brands and artificially flavored products. In these circumstances, it is very difficult for the client to find pure and authentic products in their daily intakes with its maximum strength of ingredients. Keeping in view the needs of quality-conscious customers, Journey of Chef Signature started in 2019, where it was beyond anyone’s imagination and expectations that the small business of Mr. Lloyd Au, the founder of Chef Signature would reach such heights as it today and would establish a brand in the Basmati Rice industry in the coming times. Mr. Lloyd Au was a business graduate from the University of Westminster, UK, and well aware of the changing trends in the food trading business. He has established the company as CHEF SIGNATURE LIMITED under the brand name of “Chefselect” in the United Kingdom. Being the founder member of the said company, he has earned a good reputation through maintaining quality in food items traded in the UK’s market. The unique idea of establishing the Chefselect brand has been derived from set quality standards regarding international trading business through meeting customer expectations and providing them value added products.  We at Chef Signature always striving to meet our objective of “Quality is our first priority”.

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