Red Chilli Powder

Red Chilli Powder

Red chillies are one of the most used spices. In their powdered form, they are often used in curries to add flavour and rich colour. As a consumer, you always need to be careful about the purity of this spice before adding it into food and look out for your own safety, whether it is pure or fake?

  • Chilli powder is mostly adulterated with brick powder or salt powder.
  • Red Chilli powder may be mixed with artificial colours.
  • Starch is often added to red Chilli powder to add bulk.

Keeping in view of above-mentioned contaminated factors, we at Chefselect take our best care to provide pure red chilli for our quality conscious customers. So, we choose the best raw chilli from different areas of the country and convert into packaging under the strict supervision of experts.

We promise that the Quality and Purity of our products are Guaranteed.

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